A Place To Connect

At Duapa Werkspace, we envision a world where young people are empowered with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to create their own employment opportunities, leading to sustainable and fulfilling livelihoods.

A Place to Meet

We provide support to entrepreneurs and work together with them to identify, create, test, and introduce innovative resources that are required both presently and in the future.

A Place to Collaborate

We inspire collaboration by engaging conversations with entrepreneurs and members of the ecosystem and facilitate the development, piloting, and launch of new initiatives.

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Space for Freelancers
and Creative People

A dynamic and innovative environment designed to cater to the needs of independent professionals and individuals with creative pursuits. This space provides a conducive atmosphere where freelancers and creative individuals can thrive and nurture their talents whiles growing their businesses.

We care
about visitors

We strive to create an environment that prioritizes the needs and well-being of our visitors, particularly entreprenuers and creative individuals.

  • Free 5G WiFi
    Fast High Speed internet available for your work
  • Air Condition
    Feel comfotable at your workspace
  • Kitchen
    Enjoy your lunch in our round table kitchen
  • Car Parking
    Spacious parking in and out
  • Game Zone
    Monopoly, Chess, Table Tennis
  • Office Equipment
    Printers, Scanners, White bords available to us at your disposal
  • Conference Hall
    Large or small conference halls for your meetings and events

Meet our Community Members

Eggs N More

Eggs N More supplies fresh farm eggs and freshly dressed chicken to hotels, schools, restaurants, food vendors, and individuals. Eggs N Mor also produces egg powder that prolongs the shelf life of the egg and eggshell powder as a source of calcium for livestock farming as well as a cleaning agent for household utensils.

Aniwasu Garments

A garment company that produces children's clothing, industrial and school uniforms. Fabric wastes are used for the production of dolls, toys, bedspread, art frames and door mats.

Eustace @ Grace Farms

Eustace@Grace Farms is into pig farming adopting practices that eliminate bad odour and reduce the use of water for washing the animals. The use of feed made at their farm leads to speedy growth and a better taste for the pork.

The Water Chain

The Water Chain is a company that provides purified water to the Adwoa community in the Ahanta West District, sourced from a mechanized borehole. The company also utilizes the wastewater from the filtration process to supply a local block factory for their block works.

Davnak Ventures

A waste management company specializing in plastic waste. Their principal operations are within Sekondi-Takoradi and its environs. Davnak Ventures collects, cleans, and recycles plastic waste into pellets for plastic processing companies in Ghana.

Dukez Fashion

Designs and produces unique African dresses and contemporary wear for the youth and the senior class of men and women. They sell locally and internationally.


Provides clean energy services such as solar panel installation and repairs. His flagship project, Solar on Wheels is a solar-powered irrigation system for farmers in rural areas who experience water scarcity.

Rolland Rice

Roland Rice is a local rice brand grown, milled, processed and packaged in Takoradi. It comes in different sizes to fit everyone's needs.

Lantos Creative Concept

Inspired by Sustainability. We believe that waste can be transformed into something beautiful and valuable. That’s why we take an artistic approach to waste reduction, by repurposing discarded materials and turning them into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Upcoming events

Get up to date with our events

Elevate your business meetings and conferences at our premium workspace!  Duapa Werkspace offers a professional environment with high-speed internet, private meeting rooms, and top-notch amenities. Book your space now and take your business to the next level! Contact:0242942501/0508964848 Locate us at No.8 De-Graft Afful Street, Anaji -Takoradi
iT4teens Weekend Class
Are you looking for an exciting and educational program to enroll your kids in? Look no further than Duapa Werkspace’s IT4Teens coding and robotics program! Our program is specifically designed for teenagers who have a passion for technology and want to learn more about coding and robotics. Sign up now and give your teen the chance to expand their knowledge and have fun at the same time! : : 7-16 : 10:00- 2 , ( 410 ) 0242942501/0508964848

Coworking Subscriptions

Affordable co-working space, event space, training,meeting and conference rooms with high-speed internet, and secretarial support.

1 Time Visit

Perfect for freelancers and individuals on a short-term assignment in Takoradi.
  • Shared Desk
  • Free WiFi
  • 1 Cup of Coffee

Shared Office

₵ 600/mo
Collaborative shared office space for 4 to 6 users at a rate of ¢600 per desk
  • Private Desk
  • 1 Cup of Coffee Daily
  • Free Wifi

Mini Conference

Mini Conference room with seating capacity of 20 to 30.
  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Whiteboard & markers

Private Office

Private Office for 3 to 8 workers at a rate of ¢500 per desk.
  • Meeting room access
  • Free WiFi
  • 2 Cups of coffee daily

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Potential: A Gateway for Youth Empowerment

A gateway connecting young people with entrepreneurship resources, fostering resource creation as needs arise. Empowers youth with mentorship, workshops, funding, and networking. Inspires innovation and collaboration, enabling them to shape a future generation of resilient entrepreneurs.

Erasmus Mensah-Ackon
Founder & CEO

Rent fully equipped
fashion workspace

Fully furnished work space for fashion designers. The space comes with all professional and industrial dressmaking and shoe making equipment and accessories.

No monthly bills, No utility bills, just pay as you sew!

What our Community Members Say

SNV Ghana discovered me through Duapa Workspace, and their motto of connecting, collaborating, and scaling truly resonates. Since joining the Duapa community, I have successfully expanded my business. I have found innovative ways to utilize waste materials in the creation of teddy bears and have also provided training on essential organizational policies for smooth operations. With their support and guidance, I achieved financial preparedness and secured the EU Grant. As a result, I now have a solar installation that alleviates any concerns about power fluctuations. When seeking the finest hub in Takoradi, look no further than Duapa Workspace. The warmth of their smiles alone is heartening, and you will receive unparalleled excellence in all aspects of their services.

Vida Aniagye
CEO, Aniwasu Garments

Duapa Werkspace provides a platform for qualified trainees to guide you through diverse training programs aimed at enhancing your business growth. Their inclusive and hospitable approach fosters an environment of learning and enables you to make a significant impact, regardless of your background. We express our gratitude to Duapa Werkspace for the valuable opportunities and networking they offer.

David Nkansah
CEO,DavNak Ventures

During my time as a trainee at Duapa, I gained valuable knowledge on business management and honed my negotiation skills. I also had the opportunity to connect with individuals who shared similar goals and aspirations. Duapa Werkspace provides an inclusive environment that warmly welcomes you, offering amenities such as high-speed internet and a comfortable atmosphere. Their facilitators are patient and dedicated to meeting your needs. I am grateful to have found such a supportive community in this modern era.

Lanto Kwame Azasime
CEO ,Lanto's Creative Concept

Ever since we discovered Duapa Werkspace, there has been a remarkable surge in financial support for the water chain. The workplace's housekeeping has greatly improved, thanks to their continuous suggestions on enhancing the environment. I highly recommend Duapa Werkspace for its welcoming and conducive atmosphere.

Alexander Doe
Co-Founder,The Water Chain
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