During today’s breakfast meeting, the facilitators discussed the key traits and characteristics of resilient individuals. These include:

Commitment: Resilient individuals are dedicated to their goals and stay determined even in the face of challenges.
Secure Attachment to Others: They have healthy relationships and a strong support system, which helps them cope with difficulties.
Recognition of Limits to Control: Resilient people understand that not everything is within their control and focus on what they can influence.

Self-Efficacy: They believe in their abilities and competence to overcome obstacles.
Engaging Support from Others: Resilient individuals are not afraid to seek help and assistance from their support network when needed.
Managing Strong Emotions and Impulses: They can handle their feelings and reactions effectively, preventing emotional overwhelm.
Realistic Sense of Control: Resilient people have a balanced view of what they can and cannot control in various situations.
Sense of Humor: They maintain a sense of humor, which can act as a coping mechanism during difficult times.
Adaptability to Change: Resilient individuals are flexible and can adjust to new circumstances and challenges.
Patience and Optimism: They exhibit patience while facing setbacks and maintain a positive outlook for the future.
By embodying these qualities, individuals can enhance their resilience and better navigate through life’s ups and downs.

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