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Duapa Fashion is an innovative program at Duapa Werkspace aimed at nurturing creative talents in the fashion industry while promoting sustainable practices. By providing comprehensive training in dressmaking, leatherworks, and sustainable fashion, this program seeks to empower individuals to create eco-friendly and marketable fashion products.

Core Problem: Limited opportunities and skills in the fashion industry.

  • Causes: Lack of access to quality training, insufficient knowledge of sustainable practices, and limited market exposure.
  • Effects: Unemployment, underemployment, and environmental degradation.

By offering specialized training and promoting sustainable practices, we can develop skilled fashion entrepreneurs who create eco-friendly products. This will lead to job creation, economic development, and a more sustainable fashion industry.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Individuals with an interest in fashion design and garment making.
  • Basic understanding of sewing and garment construction.
  • Commitment to full participation in the program.


  • Comprehensive training in dressmaking and leatherworks.
  • Exposure to sustainable fashion practices.
  • Development of creative and technical skills in fashion design.
  • Enhanced employability and entrepreneurial opportunities in the fashion industry.

Expected Outcome:

  • Participants acquire skills to design and create garments and leather goods.
  • Increased awareness and practice of sustainable fashion.
  • Improved employability and entrepreneurial success in the fashion industry.
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We provide support to entrepreneurs and work together with them to identify, create, test and introduce innovative resources that are required both presently and in the future

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