Exciting Milestones at Duapa Werkspace TVET Centre: 18 Graduates Shine in Fashion, Leatherworks, and Tech.

It was a momentous Friday at Duapa Werkspace TVET Centre as we celebrated the graduation of 18 exceptionally talented trainees. These individuals have successfully completed their rigorous training in fields that are shaping the future: Fashion Design, Leatherworks, Mobile App Development, and Web Development.

The journey for these graduates was as diverse as their talents. The fashion design program, spanned 6 months, including 2 months of intensive internship experience. Leatherworks trainees, on the other hand, underwent 4 months of comprehensive training, followed by 2 months of hands-on internship opportunities within the industry. Meanwhile, our Mobile App and Web Development enthusiasts were immersed in a 3-month training program, complemented by a 2-month internship, honing their skills for the digital age.

The graduation ceremony was graced by some remarkable special guests who shared their insights and encouraged these graduates to embrace the promising path that lies ahead. As they step into the world with their newfound expertise, we are confident that they will continuously evolve and elevate their skills.

These 18 individuals are not only graduates but torchbearers of a brighter future. Duapa Werkspace TVET Centre takes pride in their achievements and looks forward to witnessing their continued success in their respective fields.

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