Providing a hygienic, highly nutritious, and organic virgin coconut oil Over the years, most consumers are dissatisfied with vegetables and/or cooking oil they use in cooking. Most oils used are inorganic, refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) which are hot pressed, russet color, no identical scent, not long-lasting, and consumption leads to so many health issues. Consumers are now concerned with their health. We believe with the needed advertisement showing the health benefit our product can compete with the already known brand in the industry. These factors triggered ONROCK FIRM to come into existence. Our aim is to produce organic virgin oil capable of solving all the above-related problems. Therefore “Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil” is organic, cold-pressed within 24hrs, high nutrition, natural coconut scent, colorless, sustainable, long-lasting, and treat diseases like diabetes, candidiasis, hypertension, and more.
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Duapa Werkspace is a skills development and entrepreneurship hub located in the western region of Ghana.