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Duapa Werkspace launches Cohort 3 of the GrEEn Incubation Program Featured

Written by Kenneth Ferguson-Laing
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Duapa Werkspace, in partnership with SNV Ghana has launched the third cohort of the GrEEn Incubation project at the Duapa Werkspace Hub.
Four women led businesses are to receive various Business development support under the GrEEn Incubation Programme by SNV Ghana in partnership with Duapa Werkspace. Under the incubation programme, green businesses will receive services such as support to develop products and services that are fit-for-market and compliant with regulations. This third Cohort features an all-female participation and the project will provide business development support to these females in Takoradi and the Western Regions of Ghana, in the Agric and agribusiness and WASH sectors over a 6-month period.

The program was under the theme, “Women, the change agents’’ In attendance were Mr. Patrick Akowuah, Director - Regional Department of Agriculture W/R, Hilda Abambire, Business Development & Market linkages Advisor SNV Ghana, Mr John K. Gyimah, Municipal Department for Agric. And Mr Richard Addison, Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs Cooperative System.

In his welcome address Mr John K Gyimah expressed delight at Duapa Werkspace’s training workshop facilities which is geared towards skills development. He stated that he was really impressed with the existence of such an initiative to support entrepreneurs and small businesses right here in Sekondi Takoradi. He congratulated Duapa Werkspace for successfully completing two Cohorts of the GrEEn Incubation Program and urged the new entrants to strive to do better than their predecessors.

Ms. Hilda Abambire, the Market Linkages Advisor for SNV Ghana submitted that after runing the first two Cohorts in the western and Ashanti Region the percentage of male owned businesses were about 70 percent so it was just right that this time around recruitment for the next Cohort would focus more and more females to bridge the gap. She went on to enlighten participants on the goal of the GrEEn programme as well as the focus group. She also explained the three concepts (Green, Circular Economy and Renewable Energy) Green: Engaging in business activities or operations without harming the environment Circular Economy: Wash, Recycle and Reuse Renewable Energy: Renewable energy is energy from sources that are naturally replenishing but flow-limited. E.g, Using coconut husk for briquette for fire replacing charcoal.

Mr. Patrick Akowuah, Director - Regional Department of Agriculture W/R who was the keynote speaker expressed a lot of admiration for Duapa Werkspace and its efforts in supporting and grooming startups. He highly commended the GrEEn incubation programme and appreciated SNV Ghana for such an initiative to preserve the environment and promote green businesses.

There were series of messages from past members of the Incubation programme, namely Nana Yaa Manu of Waterforce ventures a Cohort 1 member, Albert Abbeyquaye of Rockstar Waste Limited, Cohort 2 member and Osagyefo Rowell Stephen of ORS farms Cohort 2 member; they all stressed on the importance of the incubation programme and how it has impacted their business greatly. Osagyefo Rowell shared how his business has improved in its work force, from four workers to a capacity of 7 permanent workers. He also urged participants to be committed and be willing to imbibe all that they are taught during the incubation.

The Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs Cooperative system had their turn to speak. A brief message was given by Mr Sherrif Ahali He enlightened participant on the operations of the Chamber and its efforts to support business. He took time to explain the Young Entrepreneurs and Startups Support Fund (YESS Fund) and how beneficial it shall be to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The 4 businesses selected for the third cohort include:
Aniwasu Garments
Garments-making company that produces on a large scale. The left-over pieces of fabrics from the garment sewed are used to make ornaments, dolls, and teddy bears

MatPat Poultry farms
A poultry farm that produces birds for commercial purposes.The farm makes extra use of the sawdust used for the birds by growing mushrooms or filling areas liable to flood. Others also harvest the dried plantain leaves to wrap locally produced Kenkey.

Eggs n More - Millicent Lambog
An aggregator and supplier of fresh eggs and chicken to schools, individuals, and other retailers as well as frozen sausage, and gizzard. The chicken is dressed and frozen to be sold. Egg crates used to pack the eggs are also collected and reused. The eggshells are collected, dried, and grounded into a powdered form used for cleaning utensils.

Eustace@Grace Farms -Theresa Yawson
Rears pigs on 7.5-acre farmland as well as cultivation of maize on a portion of the land to serve as feed for the pigs as well as other crops. The pigs are in two separate sets of pens at the site (2 breeding pens and 9 fattening pens). Waste from the abattoir is used to feed the pigs as well as coconut husks. The farm uses the IMO technology which keeps away odour.

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