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The impact of COVID-19 shook a lot of businesses and to date, some businesses have not been able to recover from the impact. It was evident that businesses that dealt in the traditional way without digitalizing certain components of their activities or all their activities were greatly affected.
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Thursday, 02 June 2022 15:59

Duapa Werkspace holds stakeholders meeting

Duapa Werkspace holds stakeholders meeting to discuss the role of Data Science in Transforming the Local Economy for Job Creation and Economic Development.
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33 SMEs and entrepreneurs gather to discuss how entrepreneurs can balance their personal and professional lives while achieving business growth and development.
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22 young ladies enrolled in the Data Science & Analytics training program at Duapa Werkspace.
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Duapa Werkspace's core mandate is to help reduce the growing unemployment burden in the society
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Duapa Werkspace

Duapa Werkspace is a skills development and entrepreneurship hub located in the western region of Ghana.