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A dynamic and innovative environment designed to cater to the needs of independent professionals and individuals with creative pursuits. This space provides a conducive atmosphere where freelancers and creative individuals can thrive and nurture their talents whiles growing their businesses.

Eggs N More

Eggs N More supplies fresh farm eggs and freshly dressed chicken to hotels, schools, restaurants, food vendors, and individuals. Eggs N Mor also produces egg powder that prolongs the shelf life of the egg and eggshell powder as a source of calcium for livestock farming as well as a cleaning agent for household utensils.

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Aniwasu Garments

A garment company that produces children's clothing, industrial and school uniforms. Fabric wastes are used for the production of dolls, toys, bedspread, art frames and door mats.

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Eustace @ Grace Farms

Eustace@Grace Farms is into pig farming adopting practices that eliminate bad odour and reduce the use of water for washing the animals. The use of feed made at their farm leads to speedy growth and a better taste for the pork.

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The Water Chain

The Water Chain is a company that provides purified water to the Adwoa community in the Ahanta West District, sourced from a mechanized borehole. The company also utilizes the wastewater from the filtration process to supply a local block factory for their block works.

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Davnak Ventures

A waste management company specializing in plastic waste. Their principal operations are within Sekondi-Takoradi and its environs. Davnak Ventures collects, cleans, and recycles plastic waste into pellets for plastic processing companies in Ghana.

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Dukez Fashion

Designs and produces unique African dresses and contemporary wear for the youth and the senior class of men and women. They sell locally and internationally.

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Provides clean energy services such as solar panel installation and repairs. His flagship project, Solar on Wheels is a solar-powered irrigation system for farmers in rural areas who experience water scarcity.

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Rolland Rice

Roland Rice is a local rice brand grown, milled, processed and packaged in Takoradi. It comes in different sizes to fit everyone's needs.

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