Our programs are aimed at entrepreneurship and employability skills for youth between the ages of 18 to 35 years in the western region and beyond.



This program was started by Mr. Erasmus Mensah-Ackon long before the establishment of Duapa Werkspace and is currently managed by the hub. IT4Teens teaches young people ICT from age 8 and above. The program is run in conjunction with some public schools with no ICT facilities in the western region.

  • To enable children to develop ICT capability in finding, selecting, and using information.
  • To equip learners with the appropriate social skills required to collaborate with fellow ICT learners for a more productive learning experience


A Women-in-STEM project to bridge the gender gap in terms of female professionals in the IT space. Through this program, young girls learn web development, software development, and mobile app development.

  • To build a renewed image of the sector among young women and mainstream society.
  • To increase and empower the young women entrepreneurs in the IT sector. To equip more young women with a clearer understanding of coding and its benefits in their future careers.


Through this, both boys and girls receive digital skills training in Graphic designing and web development for easy employment or freelance work.

  • To give the youth an opportunity to get hands-on training on digital skills.
  • To train young unemployed people for digital jobs through short-term training programs.
  • To provide basic digital skills in order to live, work, learn and participate in modern society.
  • To improve the understanding of skills requirements for new technologies.


We connect young and vibrant actors in our community through a common space to connect, collaborate, and scale their businesses and projects. Monthly and weekly meet-ups and workshops at the Workspace to build on the knowledge and capacity of entrepreneurs and artists in our community.
Incubatees will:

  • Find a problem worth solving and formulate viable business models (problem/solution fit) for their proposed product/service.
  • develop customer strategy and build balanced teams.
  • have access to Hub’s Co-working Spaces.
  • have access to Hub’s Equipment.
  • have access to Hub’s Internet.
  • have access to Hub’s network of Mentors and Investors.
  • have assistance with marketing and promotion. have access to Community Events.


This is a vocational training program to equip 50 youth with vocational and technical skills (fashion designing, shoemaking, hairdressing, electronics, and arts) as a way of supporting the youth in the community and creating jobs. Admission into this program gives you access to our skills/business development training, mentoring, coaching, and startup support packages such as seed funding, business network, etc.
Through this program, trainees will:

  • Acquire knowledge in how to run a successful business
  • Develop their business acumen
  • Acquire skills in the above vocational and technical programs to make a living
  • Connect to seed funding and other resources they need to set up their business.


HackPRO is an annual hackathon competition for students, innovators, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in using technology to solve real-life problems in the ecosystem. Through this hackathon, participants get to collaborate, connect, learn and compete among themselves for the ultimate prizes.

  • To Network
  • To collaborate and learn how to work in teams
  • To solve real-life problems by bringing up creative, viable, innovative solutions.
  • Learn new tools, methods, and best practices for solving problems.
  • Contribute to the ecosystem by bringing out innovative and creative solutions to solve complex problems.


HackGreen, a Business development program to help the youth between the ages of 18years to 35years to come up with an innovative idea in the green sector that meets one of the Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll learn how to get your idea funded and launched. Once you are selected to join HackGreen, the Boot Camp and coaching sessions will help you develop your idea to a solid plan. The winners will qualify for the Incubation phase of the competition.


Startup Takoradi is a community meet-up where SMEs, startups, and innovators meet to collaborate, connect and learn the terrain way of doing business in Takoradi. Workshops are organized for young vibrant actors in the Western Region during the event.

  • To introduce your business to other businesses and investors
  • To discuss new ways of improving or engaging customers in the region
  • To network and have fun. Startup Takoradi is an annual community exhibition meetup.


An in-house event for our community members to connect, collaborate and scale up their business ideas.

  • Community meet-ups are a great conversation starter.
  • More perspectives give you a better perspective.
  • Asking questions in a safe space.
  • Networking.
  • Finding your group and engaging with strangers.
  • It's all about that personal connection.
  • Independently co-existing.

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