SNV Ghana discovered me through Duapa Workspace, and their motto of connecting, collaborating, and scaling truly resonates. Since joining the Duapa community, I have successfully expanded my business. I have found innovative ways to utilize waste materials in the creation of teddy bears and have also provided training on essential organizational policies for smooth operations. With their support and guidance, I achieved financial preparedness and secured the EU Grant. As a result, I now have a solar installation that alleviates any concerns about power fluctuations. When seeking the finest hub in Takoradi, look no further than Duapa Workspace. The warmth of their smiles alone is heartening, and you will receive unparalleled excellence in all aspects of their services.

Vida Aniagye

Duapa Werkspace provides a platform for qualified trainees to guide you through diverse training programs aimed at enhancing your business growth. Their inclusive and hospitable approach fosters an environment of learning and enables you to make a significant impact, regardless of your background. We express our gratitude to Duapa Werkspace for the valuable opportunities and networking they offer.

David Nkansah

During my time as a trainee at Duapa, I gained valuable knowledge on business management and honed my negotiation skills. I also had the opportunity to connect with individuals who shared similar goals and aspirations. Duapa Werkspace provides an inclusive environment that warmly welcomes you, offering amenities such as high-speed internet and a comfortable atmosphere. Their facilitators are patient and dedicated to meeting your needs. I am grateful to have found such a supportive community in this modern era.

Lanto Kwame Azasime

Ever since we discovered Duapa Werkspace, there has been a remarkable surge in financial support for the water chain. The workplace's housekeeping has greatly improved, thanks to their continuous suggestions on enhancing the environment. I highly recommend Duapa Werkspace for its welcoming and conducive atmosphere.

Alexander Doe
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